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Price field will not save, Price field will not save in Product
We have started with the free version today and are inputting products into the catalog.  However, no matter what we put in, nothing will save in the "Price" field which is very frustrating when everything else seems really good.
Hi, Maria!

Unfortunately i can't reproduce your situation on my local installation.
Which currency do you select in the "add" form while adding a product? Could you please attach a screenshot of your product's list if it's possible?

Best Regards, Anna
Hi Anna

I've sent you the screen grabs.  Is it a currency issue ? M
I am having the same problem - I created Canadian currency and chose that.  The price does not show for any products when looking at them as a list in catalog.  Does not show when I open an item.  But it does show if I open to edit the item.  So it is saving my data - just not showing it.
Could you please attach a screenshot of your settings in the new currency? (CRM - Settings - Currencies)
It would be helpful for me to reproduce your situation.
Hi Anna

Any more news please further to sending the new screen grabs ? Can't use the product any more at present with this problem.  Many thanks.
Hi, Maria!
To reproduce your situation i need to know which proprieties of your newly added currency. Did you set in the "exchange rate" and "sort index" field. Are the "reporting currency" checkbox active? Did you saved the German and Russian settings for this currency?
Hi Anna

I haven't touched the exchange rate or sort index field defaults.  Yes, I have made the GBP currency my reporting currency.  No, I did not touch the German or Russian currencies. I've deleted the German and Russian currency templates that were there - or at least am trying to - they keep reappearing after deletion.  I can't see that I've used the German and Russian settings for GBP.

Many thanks.
Please make sure that you set the currency format correctly. The hash sign is the place for the price.

Hi Anna

Yes ! This has worked ! So, the thing is to leave the hash sign in the currency format next to the £ sign.  It then comes through in the catalog.  Many thanks for all your help. M
I had the same problem. Thank you for the clear explanation.
I just went and posted this myself should have checked here first


I am experiencing the same problem. Tried to create a new currency as shown in this screenshot (same values for the rest of languages).

When saving, I get the dreaded "The currency ID must include Latin letters only." error.

Any idea?

Hi Jean,

Thanks for the observation - we will change the error explanation text, the reason is that the text in the "currency" line must be not less that 3 symbols in lenth. (like for example RMM)

Kind Reards,

Hi, Yana.

Thx for explaining.
Got it working now :-)

Best regards,
You're welcome! :-)
Hi Yana

I tried increasing the length but keep getting the same problem.[img]file:///C:/Users/test/Desktop/bitrix.png[/img][img]file:///C:/Users/test/Desktop/bitrix.PNG[/img]



I solved it, the ID has to be exactly 3 characters. :)
bitrix.PNG (23.53 Kb)
Edited: B24_9448664 - 11/21/2016 11:00:15 (Solved)
 Thanks for the update.


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