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Activity, Messsage, Signature, How do I change the signature or delete the message counter
so im new to bitrix and i started to test out the activities available for my contacts
i messaged a contact's email and it adds a "[msg:13-tmt0aa]"
at the end of the message.
is there a way to customize my messages to include my signature? like the ones from my regular email and is there a way to delete this message counter?

The text like "[msg:13-tmt0aa]" is a service code that adds for the send&save integration (incoming emails are received and saved to the proper CRM object). This code can be added to the outgoing message text or subject line depending on the CRM settings (CRM->Settings->Send&Save Integration).
It is also possible not to add this service information to emails, but in this case the Send&Save technology won't work.

It is possible to add a signature using e-mail templates (CRM->Settings->E-Mail Templates).

Please get more information about Send&Save integration and e-mail templates in our blog.
Can we change this footer on emails sent from Bitrix 24? -"Sent by - the world's most popular free CRM and client management solution"
Hi Sean,

This signature can be easily swicthed off In CRM>Settings for Bitrix24 paid plans subscribers.


This FREE promotion "feature" in your CRM outgoing emails has a few MAJOR problems for the future of your business model, namely;

  1. It seems subversive since you do not warn your prospective clients that this will happen, not in any documentation or video tutorials, and since CRM is our interaction with our most precious business asset you most certainly ensure that you will lose a prospective client who is embarrassed with this situation with his client or loses due to spam filtering due to the message. Honestly, this is such a 1990's web marketing tactic that it presents you and us, your prospective clients, as archaic in technology adoption. *****  So rather produce a pop-up to warn use that this will happen *****
  2. We have been searching for a decent CRM solution for many months but unfortunately most services have brilliant features but only basic email integration which adds the burden to re-record emails conversations in the system. For example, a competitor of yours has a beautiful UI as welll as reporting and great deal-flow capabilities with region assignment but lacks one basic feature for which I was testing your solution - they do not allow embedded HTML from their email integration.  ***** So now we cannot even determine if your service meets this criteria for consideration in our shortlist - unless we signup ????
  3. Thankfully we tested this scenario with an internal account, however this does raise a MAJOR issue that there could be other "rotten easter-egg" features like this in your CRM which we could not possibly risk exposing to our clients since as a software consulting company who markets ourselves as a innovative business transformation specialists our clients would absolutely cringe at the thought of responding to ANY email or phone call thereafter.
Message to your management:
Your product has extensive features and has obviously been adopted widely over the years - BUT we are well down the road to TWENTY TWENTY ! So maybe, as not to upset your existing freebie clients, just add a priced option for even $5 not to include the ads although I don't know how you going to avoid the embarrassment of saying such on your home page ...
Hi Trevor,

Message passed to the recipients.

BTW we have introduced Bitrix24 Plus plan that is $39 per month which provided Advanced CRM options - history, signature settings, telephony integration.


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