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Company Notes Field, We need a way to add all of our client notes under each company.
We need a way to add our client notes under each company. As a web developer, we store many notes, such as login information and other technical information for each client.

Currently, I don't see any basic notes field under companies. The only option under custom fields appears to be the "string" field, which just creates a large run-on jumble of all of our notes.  At the very least, we'd need the ability to be able to ins ert page breaks in to each note, if not bold and italics as well.

What is your suggested solution for us to be able to store all of our essential client information with each company?
Thank you,

Unfortunately there is no such option in the product.

We've put in a proposal to the development department for adding this capability to the product.

HI - I also face the same dilemma.. I have an existing CRM where I have put all kinds of notes - a general 'notes' area would be excellent!!
Hi Kathy!

Can CRM Activity Stream messages be used to post & store notes? (as a workaround)

Can I import my current notes into the activity stream?
Sorry for the misunderstanding. I see what you mean -  I'm afraid there is no possibility to import anything directly to the Activity Stream so that it will appear as "separate Notes module", but you can attach your notes as file(s) to the CRM Activity Stream messages.


I am evaluating Bitrix24 CRM and willing to switch to it soon from Zoho CRM.

Like Zoho CRM, does it have the facility to add notes as a part of follow up with the company as and when needed? Also does it have the facility to add voice recording notes.
Hi Divyesh!

Each CRM record (lead, contact, company, deal) has own Activity Stream - where new messages & comments can be posted, files attached, you can set task, meetings, calls, etc.

Also you can record conversations when using integrated telephony.


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