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Adding products with a business process?, Adding products to a new CRM Deal when using a business process?
Is it possible to automatically add products to a new LEAD generated from a business process?

I have an existing lead and at a certain status a new Deal is created via a business process. However the products already associated with the lead do not get included in the new deal. Is there a way to automatically include these products when the deal is created?
Hi Derek,

Unfortunately, you cannot add products to deals (or leads, for that matter) using a Business process.

We will put this feature suggestion to our Development department.

Kind regards,

Ok Thanks Yana

I look forward to seeing it at some point in the future


Dear Derek,

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Best regards,

Just wanted to check back on this to see if this feature exists now?  We require this capability.
Hi Zubair,

Not yet as the BPs module hasn't been updated much, we're working on some minor BP module updates now & may consider this option later. Thank you.


Is this feature added yet? i am trying to link different products to a lead
Hi Ray!

No, the BP logic hasn't been changed (we've added easy to launch workflow templates to the Activity Stream in our last release, but haven't updated the main module) Thansk for your vote on this option.


Don't suppose this has been added as of yet has it?

Hi Matt,

Not yet, unfortunately.


One of the major things Bitrix is lacking of, is integration of "products" into the CRM.

You basically have a lot of restrictions when using products

1. No Products in permission roles.
2. Can't use products in in BP
3. In CRM forms, if you use products you Can not specify a Quantity :(
4. In a Deal you can always fill the product field even if its not a registered product or if you don't have permission to add.

Please count my Vote for this issue too.
Hi Leonardo!

Thanks for the feedback. Obviously, we have a set of features t consider for products section updates.


So sad, totally dissapointed about this, I also require {=Contact:HONIRIFIC} field from my Deal Entity to include it on my BP as well I require the Products from the CRM.
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