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How to change Contact Types, etc.
In Contact Type, there is a list of 5 types (General Contacts, Journalists, Clients, Suppliers, Partners).  I need a completely different list of contact types. (Performers, Vendors, Group Leaders, etc.) Also, a single contact by be a vendor and a group leader. How can I change the default contact types.

This same question relates to any of the areas where there are drop-down lists.  
Hi Aaron,

To change "Contact type" drop-down list  please go to "My Workplace - CRM" - "More"-"Settings"

Choose "Selection lists", click "Contact type" - here you can make changes in the exusting fields or\and add new ones. Click "Save".

You can also change other Drop-down lists in the same "Selection Lists" Menu.


Hi, is this feature only on upgraded Bitrix accounts? When I click on selection lists it just gives me the option to 'show deprecated selection lists' Thank you, Charlotte
Hi Charlotte,

The Settings interface has been changed after our last update, please find this option in Settings> Start point > Statuses> Contact type


Hi, does this still work? I tried it and couldn't find the option.

If it no long works, how do I create contact types for:

1. Employees? Not all our employees will be on Bitrix24, But we want to email them.
2. Cold prospects (not Leads)? We have mailing lists of names of people we haven't talked to that we want to manage.
Hi John,

You still can add custom values to selection lists from CRM Settings > Start point > Statuses - here you can add additional statuses for leads or contact types for contacts.

1. Employees? Not all our employees will be on Bitrix24, But we want to email them.
not sure you're talking about CRM contacts here or your Bitrix24 intranet employees. What you would like to add?


Hi Yana,

is it also possible to create specific templates with custom values for specific contact categories?

For example, when I work with a company contact I need totally different values than when I work with 'client' contacts (which are people we work with as NGO consultants). For the latter I don't need the field 'company' - also I don't need all kinds of messengers. But I would just want to create a template for this specific group of contacts - not for only one, not for the whole database. Is that possible?

Hi Markus,

Unfortunately not. But thanks for the suggestion.


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