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Invitation to a colleague for a meeting in CRM Area, Is it possible to send an invitation to a colleague for a meeting in "Company" or "Lead" zones of CRM area?
I need to invite a colleague in a meeting with a Lead and/or a Company, but it seems it's impossible....
I don't see any "invite" or "other attendees" in the meeting boxes, as the attached one.
Hi Migra,

Unfortunately there is no possibility to invite guests to a meeting right from CRM, but we have put this suggestion to the development department. But! If you need to invite guests to the CRM meeting, you can go to "Calendar" - find this CRM meeting - click "Edit event" (pensil icon) and open "Guests" and add names of your colleagues you want to attend this meeting with you.

Your colleagues will see this meeting in their Calendar blinking with "?" sign and they will also receive an invitation widget immediately in their Activity Stream

Kind regards,


Did the development team change this?

Would be good to add colleagues in the sales meeting calendar,

Thanks in advance,
Hi Espen!

Actually not yet, I'll add your vote for this option.


did they change it yet?
Hi Mark!

Not yet.


Hi Yana!
It would be great if we could invite colegues to a meeting right from CRM.

Hi Yana,

Please add my vote to this.

It seems odd that a sophisticated CRM like Bitrix24 doesn't allow the possibility of having more than one employee attend a meeting.

The same problem applies to conference calls, which have been a popular business tool for decades but Bitrix24 still doesn't allow it.

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