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Simple contact report, Printed report from Bitrix on Contact details including address contacts deals etc
I cannot find a simple contact report for a company / contact / lead or deal where the details of the contact name and address and brief details can be printed out to include names at the contact company deals outstanding etc.

This is the sort of thing needed to print out as a summary to take to a client meeting so you can quickly refer to the details required. even if you simply want the name and address of the company and the names of the contacts you are meeting - I cant find a print out for this.

Would expect it as a contact report
Hi Richard,

Thank you for the interesting suggestion and argumentation, I've put it to the Development department.


We would like the same feature. It's important to have a contact report as Richard Duff pointed out. Any idea if this feature will be added soon? thanks!
cannot this simple be added to the reports section ?

We have leads but not contacts or companies

companies by area by postcode by industry etc etc

Contacts by company , by area by responsible person etc etc

big hole in the reports section right there
Hi Sherese & Richard!

We are working on a different CRM part update for this May release, we may come back to this suggestion later.


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