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Using Invoices for loan product, Tracking Product on loan to Customers
Hi I am trying to keep track of product that is on loan to customers - I thought I could use the invoice section for this - It allows for products and dates etc but cannot find any reporting on invoicing or products or customers that shows outstanding invoices/ products on loan.

Is there a more elegant way to do this - I need to be able to track dates when loaned - when due back - who to and what product .

Hi Richard,

Please have a look at CRM>Reports section - there you can add new reports (with Report Wizard) and\or use the existing ones.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana

I looked at the reports - all I can seem to do is open an existing report and edit it. If I save it with a different name the original is gone - I cannot see where to add a new report and not sure I want to delete/amend the existing in case I need them later.

Where do I add a new report please?
Please see screenshot

You do not need to change the existing templates - you can create a new one.

woops did not see that hidden away at the top - looked everywhere else.

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