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Companies can be viewed by all users, User can see all companies not just their own personal
The access permission allow for the manager to see ALL companies even those that they are not working on. They cannot see others LEADS, DEALS and CONTACTS but how do I stop them seeing companies for other salespeople?

We are using Bitrix24 for 8 Sales Agents and I dont want them calling other agents companies or editing them - I have been able to stop editing and deleted but there is no option to see only their own companies.

How do I get around this please?
Hi Richard,

Unfortunately the Companies section in the Access Permissions block does not provide as many access options as other CRM items. We are aware of this feature necessity and I can say that this functionality will be extended soon.

The only solution for now - is that each sales person will have an access only to those companies where he is a responsible person.  To do that you need  to give your sales people an "all open" access level for companies - and they(salespeople) will have to un-tick "available to all" option in their companies details.

Kind Regards,


I have the same problem. I don't want my sales people calling other agents companies.

I've tried your alternative solution by changing the access permission to companies from "All" to "All Open" and un-tick "available to everyone" option for each companies under each sales agent.

And its not working, they can still see all companies created by all sales agent except for companies created by administrator.

Please can help me on this. I need this features to be sorted out to eliminate conflict among my sales agent.
Hi Imily,

We're aware of this feature necessity - it will be added soon! Thanks for the suggestion and argumentation.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

Has there been any updates on this?

I'm the admin on our group. I have created some companies and set some to "available to all" and others without this feature.
The other sales people permissions are set "All open".

They can see all the companies set "available to all" and some of the others that are not set "available to all" but not all. As I understand it they should not be able to see the ones that are not "available to all". Its strange.

Might it be that for a given company if I gave it the "available to all" when created it cannot be undone?  :|

Let us know the news on this.

Hi Eduardo!

Please configure Access Permissions under CRM > Settings > Permissions. There are 2 options available for all:

All - all companies (both with option "available to all" enabled & disabled).
All open - all companies with option "available to all" enabled.

Please contact our Helpdesk if your configuration does not work as explained above. Than you.


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