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Incorrect time/date format, Error when adding event
When I attempt to add an event to a lead i use the time/date picker but it produces a error message "Invalid time date format".

The time date picker is using mm/dd/yyyy format, where I would normally use dd/mm/yyyy in the UK. Not sure if this is relevant.
We know about this error. It will be wixed soon. Sorry for inconvenience.

It is possible to create an event to the personal (or workgroup) calendar and bind it the CRM element (look throught the 'More' tab of the event creating/editing form). This event will be listed in the 'Actions' tab inside the selected CRM item form.
Yes, we need the option to change the default date format - another UK user.
Choosing the date/time and name formats will be available later this year.
The date is not good for me in Bitrix24
What date format(s) are required?
we need date formats dd/mm/yyyy and also yyyy/mm/dd
Hello Mr. Nunson!
Thank you for your feedback!

I forwarded it to our development.

Best Regards,
I am also in the UK, today is 26/12/12

I have only started using Britix24 today, and have not really considered the date format until reading this post.

I am concerned about the lack of speed in dealing with this issue.

Admin acknowledged the date format issue in July, stating implementation this year (you only have 5 days left).

Further admin questions suggest lack of understanding of international date formats, then on 21 Dec Admin Anna said she would pass the issue to development.

Have I been reasonable in my criticism of how this issue has been dealt with?

Are things usually this slow?

Hello, Colin!
I understand your critical mood, because this little inconvenience can be really annoying, but there is a number of the tasks with higher priority. We'are working on this issue. New date settings should appear in the nearest future.

Is there a status update as to when this issue will be resolved? When entering a task I have to add a day for it to display the correct date I would like to have. Thanks!
We are already working on date/time format settings adding. This feature will be available this Spring.
Is it possible to setup a reminder by date and time (not just date?)
There is no such feature yet. I've added your request to or ToDo list. Thanks.
Yes, I need this too. It's actually quite important. I see that event reminders can be set in minutes & hours, but not for tasks, which allow reminders only upto a day before (unless I've missed something?).

Receiving remainders a day before a task is of no use to me, so can we have reminders that allow for setting minutes and hours, as well as days, for both events & tasks?

Hi, Keith!
I've added this feature to our "to do" list.
As soon as we have the technical possibility we'll add this feature.

Thank you!
I have only just joined Bitrix, and one of the first things I wanted to do was to change the date format to UK - i.e. DD/MM/YY.  In searching how to achieve that I stumbled upon this post which raised the issue back in 2012!  I cannot see from future posts if this feature has been implemented or not.  If it has could someone please advise how I change it, if not can I please have a date when it will be implemented (I think I will not use the system until I can change it).

P.S.  I notice that this topic is in the CRM section, but what I want to do is change the date format sitewide.

Thanks Gill
Hi Gill,

The date format can be changed in Settings>intranet settings>date format.

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