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Feature Request - Carry over "Products" listing from CRM into new projects, Import/copy products, quantity, and pricing from CRM (Deals/Leads) into new projects
We are really happy we found Bitrix.  It's going to be a good move for us when we get everyone on it.

We love the Deals section where we can create a catalog of solutions with pricing and quantities for the deal.  It adds the price up nicely and gives us a good record of what we sold (a lot of our deals have 30-40 lines here, so it's not so easy).

When we create a new project (workgroup) to deliver the services, we are creating tasks that mirror the products list exactly.  It would be a real time-saver if we could just bring the information from the Deal into the new workgroup and create a set of tasks that match the deal.
Hi Jeff,

Interesting suggestion, I've put it to the Dev Team. Thank you for the scenario, we will think about it.

Kind Regards,


This would be an extremely useful feature for us.  Our Deals often contain 60-70 products, and each one of those needs to become a task in a workgroup/project.

The software logic would be fairly simple:

- When a new group is created, the User can sel ect the "Deal" that reflects the product list for that Deal.
- The application reads the product list for that deal, and creates an array of items fr om the product list (being sure to create a  new list item for each product, when there is a quantity > 1

For example:

Product 1
Product 2 (quantity 3)
Product 3

Would become:

Task 1
Task 2
Task 2
Task 2
Task 3

- Inside of the active workgroup, a set of tasks that match the product names is created and saved
- The User could then edit the dates and owner for each task as needed

We would be most pleased if you could provide this feature.  It would eliminate hours of work for us!


Thank you for the suggestion and scenario desciption. We haven't received this feature request before, but we will take it into account.

Kind Regards,

I would like to back this feature request. We're using Bitrix in a webdesign environment where we created products for our services (graphical design, technical realization, project management, etc.). Right now I have to redo these steps manually after I create a deal in order to get a workgroup set up. As Jeff explained this feature would save a lot of time.
This feature would save ANY services firm hundreds of hours each time a new, major deal was started.  P-L-E-A-S-E consider it!
Thank you Bram & Jeff,

I see your argumentation, we will really think about it as an option, thank you!


I would like to back this feature request too!  It would be really appreciated.

We offer energy solutions to architects and developers, and this feature would be amazingly useful. After a deal is approved you have to deliver the project, which consists in executing the items described as products during the deal stages. For a services firm winning a deal is just the beginning. I know there are other more complicated softares for this, but a simple solution such as the one proposed can help small fimrs keep a firm grip of the project and save hours of the team.

There are ohter CRMs that allow this (not as good as Bitrix), but I always thought it would be a great addition.
Hi Juan,

Thanks for the suggestion & argumentation!
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