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Email sending from Bitrix24, The email window
There are a number of frustrations in using the email window for sending emails fr om Bitrix.

1. the window is way too small and scrolling up and down is tricky - there should be a bigger view possible so that a bigger part of the      email can be seen and worked on.

2. Wh ere is the BCC send to window ? I sometimes want to Blind copy and email to a manager.

3. Fonts are tricky as I cannot tell what font is being used and at what size so that matching cut and paste text into emails is not easy

4. As well as no BCC there is no CC window so all emails are sent as to and not carbon copy

Any plans to improve the format for emails?

Many thanks
Hi Richard,

1. Unfortunately not, we'll take that inconvenience into consideration.
2. Unfortunately, there is no BBC send to window option in CRM emails now. I've passed your suggestion to the Dev team.
3. Font family used in Bitrix24 is font-family:"Helvetica Neue",Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif, the fonts outlines can be displayed differently depending on browsers.  

As well as no BCC there is no CC window so all emails are sent as to and not carbon copy
Yes, that's right. Your suggestion has been passed to the Dev department.

Thank you for the suggestions, sorry to hear about the frustrations. We will pay attention to this subject.

Kind Regards,


The most frustrating thing for me is that we don't have notifications of bouncing e-mails because the return-path specified by bitrix in outgoing emails is It would be nice if we could get a notification of bouncing emails.

The best way would be for Bitrix to let us choose our own smtp server ? Don't you think ?
I support the idea of Thibault, choose our own smtp server would be the best way to develop the mail functionality further.
I also support these ideas, it would be an important necessity for all these above-mentioned features.
BCC, CC, SMTP Server...

When could this be completed?

Also, does Bitrix have a "roadmap"? That would be really great, just so your customers can see what you are currently working on and what we can look forward to :-)

When sending an email from CRM in the message window there is a "From" field. In this field Name of the Bitrix user is input as well as CRM email address. Is there a possibility that in this field some other text is shown, for example a full name of our company? I would like to have such possibility for all the users allowed to send CRM emails, putting one sender's name for all outgoing correspondence, no matter who actually sends the email.

Hi Joanna,

You can put any email address there, but not the name, I'm afraid.


I also support the External SMTP - it'll solve us the problem that we have right now for about 2 weeks that we've noticed it - mail checker used to rate Bitrix emails 2 points below our direct mail ones (7 and 9 out of 10 possible respectively)

But now it's down to 1 and clients complain they do not receive our messages. This is not the way we want to do business especially since we're a paying customer and a partner

Please try to analyse the number of requests you actually get and the number of clients actually using the Email in your CRM section to contact clients. All of them have this problem, just not all of them are tech savvy to realise the reason. The other part may realize the problem and see that you have not resolved this issue for years now and simply quit the service never becoming a subscriber

We get emails every day to help people start using Bitrix but we can't use it ourselves...

You have a very powerful tool and the fact that email actually does not work in it ruins it - apart from tasks and lead processing, being able to call and email clients are the CORE crm features

Looking forward to hear from you!
Hi Ruslan,

Please email us your email headers and any hints on how these emails could be marked as spam. Thank you!


I also support these ideas, it would be an important necessity for all these above-mentioned features.
BCC, CC, SMTP Server...
Hi Florian,

Thanks for the suggestions.


We have seen our Bitrix emails silently rejected by one of the largest universities in the world. These Bitrix email problems seem to be a significant issue for many companies, including mine. This is why all major cloud CRM providers enable their users to use their own SMTP servers. Without being able to use our own SMTP servers, the email system within Bitrix is totally useless. And since the fundamental essence of every CRM system is customer communications, if the email system is useless, then the entire CRM system is reduced to a glorified contact and lead collecting tool.

In summary, these problems currently make Bitrix's email system totally useless:

1. We have no way to detect bounced emails, which creates many problems.

2. We are vulnerable to all your other customers who could cause your email servers to be blacklisted, which would cause all our emails to be silently rejected and we would never know it was happening.

3. Without proper DKIM/SPF records, every email we send to our customers through Bitrix includes the "via" label, which looks unprofessional and is embarrassing for any substantial company.


Allow us to configure any SMTP server we want. Amazon SES is the best (in my opinion) because it provides the most reliable transactional emailing AND bulk emailing at a lower cost than all other providers. And it has a powerful API for more advanced features. After seeing many complaints about Bitrix's emailing functionality, it's clear that simply integrating Amazon SES with Bitrix would dramatically improve the entire emailing experience for all your customers.

Until then, we are embarrassed to use Bitrix and we can't recommend it to anybody. We want to love Bitrix, but we can only use it for very basic contact and lead management, which means we will be continuously researching other CRM vendors that provide a similar feature set with full SMTP flexibility. Every day that passes while this issue is not resolved means you are losing customers. So I really hope you move this issue up to the top of your list of priorities and communicate your progress more frequently; otherwise, you're going to continue losing customers to other vendors.
Thanks for the detailed feedback, we'll think about this issues & what we can do in this regard. Thank you.


Agreed.  I wish I had known before we bought Bitrix that we wouldn't be able to send email using our own SMTP server.  Shame on us for not verifying, and shame on you for not including this feature.  If this isn't fixed by the time our year is up, we'll be migrating to another CRM.
Please advise if you have cloud or self-hosted version of Bitrix24. In the self-hosted (on premise) version it is possible to configure your SMTP server.


Self hosted
yes please. It is strange that the email system does not support CC at the very least. I had thought it to be impossible, that I had probably missed it somehow and went around looking for it!
Hi Alvin!

Thanks for the vote on this option.


I also support these ideas, it would be an important necessity for all these above-mentioned features.
BCC, CC, SMTP Server...

By the way, we do appreciate Bitrix as a fantastic product. Congratulations.
I too have a problem with this, apparently missing emails, confusion with cc and bcc and more than one person in the address line.  the latest is a client who believes I am forwarding emails to the boss without telling the person whose email it was , all because they do not see all the people to whom it was sent.
this is unprofessional and causing me huge cultural problems.  who we include, cc and bcc sends large messages and we need to be in control of that.
I have asked this question before by adding my comment to another forum discussion and but that one, like this  one, remains unresolved.

I love Bitrix and have invested a few years in it but this is a deal breaker-please can I get some answers.  even now I am not sure that writing this will get me satisfactory answers.  However, i see no other way of communicating problems, problems that other people have explained far better than me
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