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Email templates in CRM, How to share templates
I want to use standard templates for all the sales people to use but when I share a template it has my signature email address and phone number and not the other user - the drop down list gives responsible person name only not access to am email address and mobile number that can be changed for each users template.

Also if I share a template in order to allow other users to copy past from it - or amend it to use themselves - they cannot edit it.
Would be nice if they could open it and save it back as their own.

If they cant then the admin person should be able to set up templates for all users for use only by them but I can only do this by logging in as each user individually and then creating the templates with signature and logo -contact details all from scratch for each area lead, contact, customer and deal - cant even copy a template to save doing each one at a time.

This is time consuming as each new user will need all his/her templates set up all over again.

Any ideas to make this easier?
Hi Richard,

The logiс is if you create an email template for the whole team - you specify one email adress like If your employee needs a personilised email template with his\her own unique email address - he\she makes it himself\herself.

I've passed your suggestion to the development department. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

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