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Emails relating to deals contacts or companies, Sending emails to other persons from with Bitrix24
I am trying to send emails relating to a deal, company, lead or contact to someone other than that lead/deal/contact person.

For example an email to head office or another sales agent asking about special pricing related to this particular deal/contact.

I want to attach and relate that email to the deal and or contact so am sending from the contact or deal view and find that I cannot send the email out to a contact that is not a Bitrix24 contact.

If I add the other salespersons or Head office as a contact there is then a conflict when only one salesperson can be responsible for that contact and when someone else tries to send to the contact you get access denied.

So how do I send emails to persons other than those in the CRM but relating to those deals or contacts withing the CRM?

Hope this makes sens
Hi Richard,

To solve your task I can only advise you to have your negotiations with third-party sales agents via your usual email and send copies of these emails to your CRM address  and put in the title of the message (or in the first line of the body of the message)  - the involved CRM item (deal\lead\contact) email address   or an expression that corresponds to the “Resolve Entity Using the Expression” listings in the Send&Save settings  (such as LID#48, DID#88, etcID code in the title of the message).

As for negotiations on particular CRM item inside your company - you can use the CRM Activity Stream, which allows to exchange messages within this particular CRM item.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

What do you mean by "exchange messages within this particular CRM item"?

Once I open message in a CRM Activity Stream there are options only to:
  • Open message
  • Message Link
  • Delete from Activity Stream
I am not able to see any option to assign message to any CRM item :-(

B24_4771109 wrote:
What do you mean by "exchange messages within this particular CRM item"?
Any answer to this question?

I would like also to know whether there is possibility to "migrate" email message between CRM items?
OR (better)
Whether there is possibility to assign one email message to multiple CRM items?

If I use more then one expression in the email subject will this work?


You cannot migrate email attachments between CRM items. Email will be attached to one CRM item only. But you can manually send this email 2 times to different CRM records.


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