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New Leads, What does this mean exactly
New Leads tab

Which leads is this displaying ? What are the selection criteria for a new lead please as I cannot see what makes a lead new.

I just get all the leads and select by status

It would be useful to only see the 'new' leads imported after an import so that one can work on them separately - can this be done?
Hi Richard,

Filter section in Bitrix24 allows you to create various filters with different fields and search by them. The "New Leads" filter is a pre-maid filter showing all leads with unassigned status (until you haven't changed the settings).

I understand "My Leads" I was referring to the tab NEW LEADS which seems to just have a selection of all leads and select by status.

What constitutes a NEW lead as I would like to use this after importing leads and trying to sort out which ones I just imported, which are new and which were already there.

NEW leads is not defined.
Dear Richard,

I do apologize for the mistake in my previous post (I've edited it already) - I was talking exactly about the New Leads tab - by default this filter is set as "unassigned" status - so that when you use this filter - you will see all leads with unassigned status in the list. Of course you can filter by status from the main "Filter" tab, but using pre-maid "New leads" tab can be more comfortable for tracking all new leads and forgotten ones.
As for imported leads - they would appear with unassigned status - so you will access them with this filter (exception is if your import sheet has status column).

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