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Custom Fields didnt save upon converting to Contacts
I find that some custom fields didnt save data when converting to contacts.. I have the following photos for example..

Here is the lead page, you can see that the custom field "MKT" and "Gender" have information saved.

Here is the convert leads page, and it seems all custom fields have been pushed to the "other" catagory at the bottom of the page, but the information from leads page wasnt saved upon conversion it defaults the custom field to "no"

It should be noted that the options for the custom fields for contacts and leads have been added in the custom field settings with matching data.

Second question*
After converting leads to contacts, the "status" field of the lead is automatically changed to the last available status. Thats a nice automated feature, but is it optional? The status of the lead in many cases didnt need to be changed just because it was converted to a contact. Also, the default setting upon conversion, to move the status to the last option, requires that the CRM admin absolutly assign the last status option as "converted lead" or somethign simmilar, then that may not be our actual workflow.

Thank you!
Edited: Jacob Wilson - 02/19/2014 13:03:14
Hi Jacob,

Yes, unfortunately lead's custom fields cannot be converted to the contact, I've put the suggestion to our development department.

Please advise the scenario why and in which cases don't you need the converted lead status to be set by default after the convert action is performed?
Thank you.

Kind Regards,
I think it is worth saying that custom leads fields can be converted to contacts if the custom field is a string or date, it seems to me so far that the bug is with custom lists that do not convert.
It would be worthwhile to have an option to for converted leads to change status optionally.

Example: Reporting on leads that were converted, it is useful to see at which status they were converted, but its more complicated after all converted leads status is changed. Some leads could be converted after 1st telemarketing call, 2nd telemarketing call, 3rd, after visit, or meeting , etc.  
Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the observations on custom fields type convert and for the feature request explanation - it is clear now. We will have a look at both issues.


Hi Yana,

Has this feature been implemented yet? I would also like to be able to convert custom lead fields to contacts, company and deal when converting.
Hi Mike,

Unfortunately not yet..
Mike Zieseniss wrote:
Hi Yana,

Has this feature been implemented yet? I would also like to be able to convert custom lead fields to contacts, company and deal when converting.
This is really a problem for us as new users. All the time I am spending customizing fields and not converting over is a big problem. One would think that this feature would be implemented by now, since this thread started earlier this year. This should be a no brainier...
I see Timothy, as you've post this suggestion to various topics :) - and I welcome that, because it helps us to determine our clients primary needs. Thank you!
Is there a way to unconvert a lead once it has been changed into a deal?
Hi Anne!

Currently not. But you can copy lead, close lost or delete the deal.


Is there any way to customize the lead conversion page? For example, I'd love to hide some fields, add others, and move them around. Thanks for your help!
Hi Dustin!

Currently not, but thanks for the suggestion.


Any update on the mapping of Custom fields in Leads to custom fields in Company or Contacts?  We are wanting to use Bitrix Pro but this is a deal breaker for us.  seems like such a simple and straight forward thing.  
Hi, Is the system now capable of mapping/ populating the information across from Lead to company and contact, inputed in a custom field/dropdown list) ?

For example - I have added a drop down list of industry sectors in Lead,  I do not want to add this again when the lead is converted.  

When creating a new custom field, does 'Bind in CRM Elements' have something to do with this issue?

Custom fields & it's values created in leads can be converted to contact\company as well - the system will notify you what fields are missing.


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