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Help Needed. Cannot Import Companies at all
Dear all,

I am new to Bitrix24. I have been trying to import companies.

After i import the CSV, i can see my data and the column mapping at "Fields". After i click Next, it always show no of imported companies = 0.
I even tried to download the sample csv and re-import, still fail.

I have done layout customization & custom fields on the Companies. I am not sure will it affect my import?

Really appreciate if anyone can help..  
Problem Resolved. It is due to "Comments" column.

I have tried importing some text comments, once i remove the data from Comments column, it can import successfully.  
Hi Melanie,

Unfortunately cannot advise why the import with comments column hasn't succeed (we do not observe on our PCs, please note that the string type should be chosen for the custom field "comments"). Good to know the problem was resolved with a small exception of comments field.

Kind Regards,

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