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Export data from contacts

I would like to ask how do I export all of the data from contacts,when i click export to CSV, it just export some of the customer data that show in page 1 in CRM only.
Hi Wei Teng Yeo,

Please note:
1) you need to add all the contacts fields you need to export to the contacts preview list
(CRM>Contacts>Edit lists>List columns> tick all fields you need to export>click Apply

2) the field "use in contacts export" must be enabled in contact's details.
(if you need to enabled export for the group of contacts: add "export" field to the contacts preview list > choose (tick) the contacts where you need to change the export filed> click edit (pencil icon at the bottom of the list).

Kind Regards,

I need to export (backup) ALL contacts stored but system exports only first 1800 (we have 5000 in total) What I am doing wrong?
Hello Hernán,

This could happen because of the following issues:
1. Not all contacts are allowed to be exported (the 'Use in contacts export' option in the contact form)
2. There is a limitation on the export script running time - 1 min.  The solution is to export contact in groups, filterring them by any parameter.
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