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sending emails to co-workers and group members, How to attach emails to contacts, companies, leads and deals when sending to group members
I am trying to send emails to other employees in the company or sometimes outside the company and those emails relate to a contact deal or lead so I want the email attached to the contact deal or leads after it is sent BUT it will not be sent to the contact deal contact or lead contact.

I have tried sending an email to the stream in CRM but it disappears and cannot be seen anywhere - it arrives at the contact if it is on Bitrix but does not keep a copy on the one sent from which it refers to.

How do I attach emails to these entities when they are not being sent to them but relate to work done for them?
Hi Richard,

There are 2 ways you can bind emails with CRM items now: please note that you will have to resend emails  to your special CRM email adress with a reference to the definite CRM entity in both cases, please read below:

-  to make sure that messages will processed and stored properly (to the right CRM entity you need), choose one of these ways and resend this email to your special email CRM address:

   1) If a user sends an email to the CRM’s address and puts the addresses of various CRM objects (Leads, Contacts, Companies) in the first line of the body of the message, the system will add the message to all objects which contain any of the addresses included in that first line. (For example the lied's email address)

2) If a user (not applicable to your employees until they use email address registered in Bitrix24 - this option may be added soon)sends a message to the CRM’s address and includes an expression that corresponds to the “Resolve Entity Using the Expression” listings in the Send&Save settings, such as [LID#48], [DID#88] in the theme (title) of the email,  the message will be added to the object indicated by that expression. (for example you can include lead's ID (sample [LID#48] )  to the email text message).

Kind Regards,

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