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Date format conflict while importing leads, Custom date field does not map with imported data

Need some help to get started. I am trying to import bulk leads via a CSV file. I have created custom fields in the CRM - Leads section and one of the custom field is DOB (Date of Birth). The custom field type has been set to Date & Time.

In my CSV, I only have the Date of Birth without the time. When I try to import the data, it gives me a format mismatch for the date column and the import fails. The format in the CSV is mm-dd-yyyy.

I have tried changing the format in the CSV to the following without any luck:

mm-dd-yyyy hh:mm:ss:
mm-dd-yyyy h:mm:ss AM/PM

I still continue to get the same error. Can you please help me out with the correct format for the DOB field in the CSV so that the import takes place?

Hi Mangesh,

Please use this format mm/dd/yyyy

Please advise if the solution helped.

BTW - it is easy to know the fromat for imported fields - you can export the list of leads with the needed fields filled (date in your sample) - in CSV file and check. Please note that you will have to add the fileds columns you need to be exported to the leads list preview first (CRM>Leads>Edit list>list columns>tick needed fields (date of birth for example)> apply.

Kind Regards,

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