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Sales Team Unable to View CRM, The CRM menu disappears from the left for all members of my team
As an admin, I am able to view the full CRM functionality. However, any new members I add to the team are unable to view the CRM links in their left-hand menu, even if I give them admin access.

I've tried adjusting the settings and access permissions but to absolutely no avail. Maybe I'm missing some very basic function here but this has got me completely baffled.

Please help!
Hi Farhad,

When you invite a new user you need to go to CRM>Settings>Access Permissions - add access permission - choose name of a new user. Then give this user a CRM role. Please also check this CRM role settings.

As I understood you've already performed the above-mentioned steps. If the problem still exists please contact our Help Desk asap.

Kind Regards,

Thanks Yana - that's solved the problem
We have a very small company and I am trying to create access controls per user.

I need to be able to limit people to THEIR leads/contacts only.

What I'm curious about is the difference between personal, department and subdepartment tags and how those relate to each other and to the user in the CRM?

Also, if a user is labeled as an admin, I assume that overrides any user settings that I select?
Hi Caitlin,

If a role is assigned to a department (or group), then all users in that department (or group) will have the access allowed to that role. In your case you need to give users access=personal, otherwise they we'll see CRM items of the users who belong to the same department (subdepartment)
If a user is assigned various roles (e.g. belongs to both a workgroup and a department which are granted different roles), the user will always be granted the highest level of access allowed by the various roles.

You may also find this Trainig coursehelpful.

Kind Regars,

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