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Emails sent to Bitrix, Send and save not working?
Hi I have found a lot of emails that I send BCC from outside Bitrix24 to the CRM email address are not finding their way to the company contact or deal.

I have put the email address of the company/contact/deal as the first line of the body of the email and it arrives at the Gmail account but not at the CRM .

In the following example it arrived only at the contact of the salesperson I sent it to as they have a bitrix account and not to the company as in the email body

Am I missing something here please?
Hi Richard,

Now Send&Save works only when you resend the email directly to CRM email address (not BCC) and include CRM item's email address in the first line of the body of the message. Unfortunately emails send to the employees (users) cannot be connected to CRM items, I've passed the suggestion to the development department.


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