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Creating a Business Process to send emails to Leads

I was hoping someone could help me with this. I have already create some email templates and everything needed with the exception of setting up the Business Process.

What I would like to do is create a Business Process where I can send an email once to a lead. Once that original email is sent manually I want to be able to have emails sent automatically using a calendar event - (every three days as an example).

I figure once I create this process once it would be easy to replicate or add in additional emails. Is this possible and could someone kind of walk me through the steps?

So far I have a good understanding with the exception of creating the business process. I see instructions on changing leads to contact's etc. But no real deep stuff and trying to figure out if this is even possible.


Hi Keith,

Bittix24 does not provide support on BP creation, we provide this functionality for our technically advanced users for free - you can find more info in our training course here. But - you can hire one of our certified partnersto build up a unique BP needed for your business.
Kind Regards,

Is there any ready-made newsletter/email template for mass emailing?  Thanks.
Hi Amanda,

You can find email templates in CRM>Settings>Email Templates - you can use\edit the existing ones or create new ones too.

Kind Regards,

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