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Track expenses and Records Management / Lists
Hi all....can someone run down for me how one would use the Records Management / Lists function to track expenses in Bitrix24?  I see in some other posts that the suggestion for tracking expenses is to use the Lists, which is only available in the Professional version, and before I start paying per month just to use that feature, I want to make sure it would work for my business.

Essentially, the Deals in the CRM only track positive cash flow.  But, sometimes, for example, I have to use the services of an outside contractor which cost me money in order to close a deal.  Right now I have to manually subtract their fee from the Deal total, but then in the monthly reports it does not really show a true number.

Can someone explain to me how to associate something in a list with a specific CRM item?

If I could do that, I will happily upgrade to the Professional version, as it would give me a way of tracking expenses.

Or, a hack-way would be to allow negative value Products, then I could set up a -$1 fee for contractor's fees and just create 500 of them to equal -$500.

Hi Nick,

Unfortunately the expenses tracking options is not available, as for Lists:  CRM and Lists can be bind only through CRM parameter "bind to information block", but such parameters (characteristics) are not taken into account in the CRM reports.
Optionally - please note that you can create amarketplace app for Bitrix24 CRM that will integrate our CRM with 3-rd party expenses tracking service (if you know a good one) - you can either create it yourself or contact one of our certified partners with the suggestion.

Best Regards,

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