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mail integration to deal, email sent to crm (send&save) not reflecting in CRM

I tried sending a mail to the created email id but it is not showing up in CRM.
I followed the latest suggestions of mentioning the crm email id in the "to" field and also mentioned the deal id in subject as well as top line mail body. Also added the contact email id of the deal in the mail body.

Attached is the print of the email sent.

Please help.

Best regards,

Hi Shankkar,

Now Send&Save works only when you resend the email directly to CRM email address (not BCC) and include CRM item's email address in the first line of the body of the message - only.  

Please note that in case with deals the email may become connected to the contact this deal is associated with.

We have plans to add the following feature - when the Bitrix24 user resends an email with a code (like [DID#10] in the theme (to) of the email to the CRM inbox email address - it is connected via Send&Save with this particular Deal. Now this functionality works only for emails sent from email addresses not associated with Bitrix24 (not B24 users emails or CRM emails).
Hope you will find the explanation helpful.

Kind Regards,

Hello Yana,

If you note the attachement, I had sent the mail directly to the CRM email address.  Also CRM item's email address -it is in the first line of email body.

Still it is note reflecting anywhere in the CRM - not even with the contact associated with the deal ""

Any suggestions?


Hi Shankkar,

Please check if Send&Save will work ok if you will not include code  [DID#10] in the email theme (to) . If not please contact our Help Desk for further technical assistance.

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