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Customising my invoice Items, Is Bitrix24 CRM dynamic enough to accommodate different patterns of invoicing?
I am launching a CRM process via Bitrix24, and I need to make adjustments to my Invoice Items. The current process is; i.e, Name, Quantity, Price, Subtotal, which is calculated as (Subtotal = Price x Quantity).  My company mostly calculate our invoicing in the following manner; i.e, Name, CPM, Price, Subtotal. Our calculation for this pattern is (Subtotal = Price x CPM / 1000). And sometimes we calculate using your current process; i.e, Name, Quantity, Price, Subtotal, which is totally based on the product that the client is purchasing. So my question is, is there a way to make changes or alter the current process at any time depending on the product that is being purchased?
Hi Onyeka,

Unfortunately, the option of changing invoice formula is not available in Bitrix24 Cloud version. I've passed the suggestion to our dev team.

Please note that this can be done in Bitrix24 Self-hosted version, but also through considerable amount of customizaton process. If you are interested in this option in Bitrix24 self-hosted - feel free to contact one of our certified partners who can be hired to design a unique intranet for your company.

Kind Regards,

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