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Catalogue and products, Prices for Order quantities and trade pricing
Product prices and the catalogue section do not allow for two sets of pricing for the same product - Trade/Wholesale price and Retail pricing.

Also no qty discount or pricing by qty for Wholesale where price reduces depending on qty ordered

Would also be useful to be able to upload photograph or drawing of product or attach product specification as a file or pdf.

User defined fields would be very helpful here
Hi Richard,

Thanks for the suggestions, we've already received several requests of this kind, we'll take them into consideration. I cannot advise if & when will these options be added, but we are thinking about product catalog extended functionality.

Thank you.

Hi Guys

When are we going to be able to print the price list out / catalogue?

Also why can we not copy a product to creat a new product when they are very similar same as customer lead or deal etc?

When can we upload pictures of products?

Perhaps a product or catalogue report showing all products and prices?


Hi Richard!

The product catalog export or price list print options are not planned for the upcoming release, but we've added them to the features requests, thank you.

We'll take other options into consideration as well, but I will be able to advise more about the implementation plans later this year (next release is planned for the end of spring)

Thanks for your feedback, Richard, we do appreciate your contribution.


Hi Yana

Would really like the product catalogue to be updated so that it can be printed out / and / or reported on. When is this planned?

Also uploading of product photos would be really useful into catalogue.

Any news on this as I was hoping to see this happen in the sping update

Kind Regards

Hi Richard!

The catalog export is not (at least yet) planned for the fall release, I'll be bale to share some info on CRM plans closer to the release - I guess not earlier than the beginning of fall.


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