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Links to Photgraphs in Deals, Deal custom fields for clickable link to dropbox or Bitrix24 drive

All our Deals involve photographs and plans of before the project and then we upload photographs after the project/deal is completed.

Currently store these photos on dropbox and create a link to the director so that we can share the photos.

Want to include this link in the Deal but cant see what custom field type would give me a clickable link like the website field.

I just want to click on the link and bring up the photos.

Can this be done?

Hi Richard,

No such field type available, I've put the suggestion to dev team. BTW  - do you think a CRM document library may solve the task you've described? We are thinking about the last one implementation? Will in this case the "link" custom field type be demanded for your business needs?

Thank you.

CRM doc library would be useful as long as each doc can link to a deal and a company and a contact.

On the above if I use a custom field file type for the deal I can add the photo jpg as a file and it is clickable fr om the deal view but I cant find where it is stored if I want to attach it to the outgoing email.

Wh ere is the file stored and can it be accessed for email?
Hi Richard,

I see, thanks for explanation. As for your question about custom field=file - these files are stored in the cloud with no direct access (unfortunately) - we will be thinking how to solve your task.

Thank you!

hello guys,
i like this solution, of using the custom field (file) to connect a company, etc to a document.
I see, that this is somehow possible, but when i click on this file in the company overview, it links me to the user's page?!

Is that the problem spot you are all talking about?

would be really great to be able to click on this document (which was chose from bitrix's drive) and be able to arrive at the document's details page and be able to preview the document (or open with windows, gdocs, etc...)

Edited: Zac Brown - 04/22/2014 19:10:46
Hi Zac,

Thanks for the suggestion - we will think about the CRM Document Library scenario, where docs will be bound to the CRM items. Answering your question - now the files are stored in the cloud and when you click on them (as on your screenshot) - the files are being downloaded to your local machine (that is why you see the link to responsible user's profile page).

Kind Regards,

hello again,
i'm still confused, when I click on a document chosen through the custom fields, i am required to choose between different info blocks elements.

Groups, Users, and Documents

What is the reason for this?

And still, when I choose the document, I am forwarded to the users or group's page, and the file is not downloaded or opened.
Any ideas?
Hi Zac,

The reason is - the CRM doc library option is not available, meaning the custom filed you are trying to create cannot work correctly. What you can create is a File type of custom field, not information block. In case with file type - the file will be attached to the lead but stored in the cloud, when you will click on it - the file will be downloaded to your local machine.


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