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Looking for advice (BP + automatic emailing)
i have the following situation for example:

i have set up a BP to send an automatic email response for new leads. (ex: thanks for your interest, we'll get back to you...)
the problem is - a new lead is created for any incoming email address, which is not recognized by bitrix.
in the case that a new employee of one of the client companies set up in bitrix sends us an email, their email address won't be recognized by bitrix since they are a new employee and thus their email address isn't added as a contact to that company.
this email will be treated as a new lead and thus sending the automatic BP email response out (thanks for your interest)

this is not true, because the email is from a client (whose company already exists) and does not have an interest in joining our program.

any tips on how i might be able to solve this?

Hi Zac,

Unfortunately, this type of logic can be implemented in self-hosted version only, where you have access to the full product API and ability to write code in PHP (and use this type of BP's activity).

Kind Regards,

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