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Auto-fill contact names in Leads?, Matching contacts are found- how do you choose them?
Can Bitrix24 auto-populate existing contact info in a new Lead?

When I enter "Smith" as the last name, a popup notes: "found 1 match by full name". I can click "match" to see the name in a popup window, but there is no way to choose that name (and thus autopopulate the contact fields). Clicking the suggested name opens a new contact window.

Or am I going about this incorrectly? Is the new Lead workflow designed to create a new contact in the process? (and thus should not lookup old contacts?)
Hi Charles,

What you describes - I believe is a duplicates control (search) - this option only advises you that you already have similar CRM item & do not need to create a duplicate one (but you still can create one if you wish).

Bitrix24 CRM works due to the following logic: first you add\create a new lead, after a while - this lead can become a contact (or a company) - to transfer this lead into a contact - use convert option - when you'll click it - you'll see a convert wizard with lead's fields already filled into new contact\company page. After the process is finished  - a new contact will appear among your contacts list, plus the lead will stay also in the leads list with "converted" status.

Please advise if this scenario works fine for you - or maybe you've meant something different.

Thank you.
I believe I have a similar request.   I would like to be able to create a new lead from an existing contact.  The scenario is that we have an existing contact that we would like to share with our channel partner/distributor and track via the lead process.   Is there a way to create a lead from an existing contact?

thank you
Hi Brian,

I'm afraid this sales logic is not supported.

Kind Regards,
Hi Yana,
Typically in real life the process is
a) We first meet people - and enter the contact information into a CRM system - therefore entering them and creating contacts of all people we meet or get data is the first step in the CRM
b) and then we contact them - and if they are interested - this becomes a lead, therefore we should be able to sel ect existing contact and company in Lead.
c) Post this lead - if the discussion progresses then we give a quote with a $ value - and it becomes an opportunity which goes through various sales stages which we can change in the CRM - most of the companies follow certain models - one of them e.g. stages are (stages differ fr om company to company and we should be able to track the Opportunity funnel (Value) for each stage.

i) Suspect (all contacts can be suspects)
ii) Prospect (you have spoken and they are interested in discussions)
iii) RFI/RFP - stage - and so on

Please suggest how can we follow the above process in your system.

Best regards
We have the same sales structure and multiple contacts for one lead. Therefore, it would be good to be able to add the contacts to a lead.
The structure lead -> contact doesn't work for us.

I have read in multiple threads that this is just not how the systems works. However, is it planned to include the possibility to add contacts to leads or will that not happeen in the foreseeable future?

In our logic you can try to use DEALs instead - since deals are based on contacts or companies.


Hi Yana,
thank you! Exactly what we were looking for, feeling stupid.

Thanks again,
You're welcome!  :)
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