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Delete Lead and keep contact info, I want to delete a lead but keep the contact/company on record

Been using the system for a few months and have created a few work-arounds for our company customization.  Is there anyway to delete a lead without having to delete the contact and company linked to it?

i think this would be nice!
Hi William & Zac,

Thanks for the suggestion, it has been passed to the dev team.

Kind Regards,


This IS a fundamental problem... For us we could get 1,000 leads and but only 200 valid!  We want to Convert the Lead to a Contact and Delete the Lead but we can't so that means we will have 5,000 leads to go through, that we can't hide, that we can't truly filter, that make for A LOT OF CONFUSION!?  I just posted this issue and the FACT that Converting a Lead into a Contact means the Lead SHOULD 100% show up in the Contact Stream and Activity and NOT as a Stream/Activity under the Lead.

CRM... CUSTOMER Relationship Management... NOT, LET ME REPEAT NOT... LRM Lead Relationship Management.
Hi C Mason,

I got your argumentation, thank you, passed to the developers.

Kind Regards,

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