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Automated email on lead creation problems
Good afternoon

I'm attempting to set up Bitrix24 to email a particular manager whenever a new lead is created so that the manager can easily assign responsibility to the relevant employees.

What should be a simple task has now taken me days, is this functionality available?

Many thanks,
- Tez Grant
Hi Tez,

This can be done with the help of business process (CRM>Settings>Business Processes>Lead). You may find this blogpost helpful. If you have already started working with business process & experiencing a difficulty with it - please advise at which step do you have a problem?
Kind Regards,

Thank you Yana,

The link was extremely helpful, all sorted now except that when i now add a new lead i get a duplicate as well, the lead name is copied to another otherwise blank lead and i can find no cause, any idea what could be causing this? I can't find anything in the FAQ.

many thanks,
- Tez Grant
Hi Tez, I'm not sure what could be causing that duplicate lead being created. I presume we are still talking about leads which have been imported from a csv. Please put in a ticket in the support desk and make it clear when the leads appear (immediately on import with the properly imported ones?)  Please also mention all business process you have that are active when a lead is created or modified - that is, launching automatically.
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