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Can't create Quotes

I am trying out all CRM features and they rule! Congratulations :-)

However, when I try to create a new quote, either from an existing lead or from scratch, the system just displays an error message:

"Sorry for the inconvenience. Please wait while the site is being brought back online".

However, I suspect there is an error in creating the quote and that this is a general error message. I did not manage to create a single quote so far :(

The quote does not have anything out of the ordinary. The deal used has had a custom field associated, in the meantime it has been deleted. Could this be the issue? How can this be solved?

Thank you,
Update. Firebug shows an

500 Internal Server Error

on the page.

Please contact our Help Desk with the problem description (quote filled fields screenshot applied will be helpful) Thank you!

Kind Regards,

I'm having the same problem deleting leads auto generated from email. I mistakenly put our general email which receives several hundred a week. I have since changed it, but now I need to mass delete about 300 records. I've tried deleting all records on all pages, deleting all records on a single page, and deleting just a single record. When I try any of those options, I receive an error message. See screenshot.

I really love this crm. I'm publishing an article on crm systems and so far your is most definitely the best I've found for the price and starter plan.

Please let me know if there is something I need to do in order to make deleting these records work properly.
Hi Mark!

Thansk for your kind words! Please contact our Helpdesk with this problem description & error screenshot - they will assist!


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