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Lead Classification
Suppose when I enter a lead in the CRM database, is it possible to add to which industry they below like for eg: Real Estate, Engineering, Hospitality, etc..
Later if I click "Real Estate" section then I should be able to view all the leads in that section.
Hi Vasant,

You can create a new custom field for the lead creation form with list of industries to choose from or simply a string type field to be able to type in the industry name while creating a new lead (or editing the existing one). After that you can filter all leads by this new field "industry" content (for example real estate)

To create new custom field please perform these steps:
1) go to CRM>Settings>Custom fields>Lead - add new field
2) in the new custom field creation form please set field's name (e.g. "industry";), choose type of field "string"(to type in the name later)\list (to choose from the existing list), for "list type - please set list lines in the new window. You can also set "multiple" if you want to be able to set several industries for the same lead.Save.
3) Go to CRM>Leads>add new lead>from settings (a tab right from the lead's name field) - here you need to move new field "industry" on the right, in other words from available fields to the tab fields. Save.

Now new field will appear in the new lead creation form.

To be able to filter by this new field's contact please:

1) add new field to the all leads list columns -  click "edit list" icon (on the top of the leads list)>list columns>tick(choose) the required field(s)>click apply.
2) in the filters window click + sign (add more filter fields) - tick the required filed. Now you will be able to search by this field's content.
Does the Company not already have a industry field? How can I make this also appear in leads? Why duplicate?
Only the way described above - through new custom fields created separately for each CRM iteam.
Why duplicate?
What do you mean by that?

I am using the custom field, when I convert the lead It does not carry over the data. I am just suggesting allow the lead, contact and company to share the same industry field - that is why I am say why duplicate. There is not need to create custom filed in leads and contacts when it already exists for company. Just saying...
Ok, I get it... That was a good thing to mention, thank you.  
I have created the new field names under company...but for the likes of me, when I do my normal excel CSV import, not viewing any association to ensure my new field aligns with the column header on excel.  Please supply a clear set of instructions on how to have my header (custom) align with a defined new field.
Hi Simon,

Please contact our Helpdesk with import file sample & names of existing fields (screenshot of import suggested (failed) fields will be helpful as well. Thank you.

Hi Yana,
I have "industry" field in my import list, but there is no "industry" field in Bitrix import example file. What should I do if I want to import my list including "industry" field so I can filter companies by "industry" filter?
Seems we had the same question around the same time. Here is the answer:
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