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Business Process - Email, BP in Deal require to send auto mail to Contact attached to Deal
Please help!  I would like to set a BP that once a "Deal" (that have a required contact selected i.e "Contacts = Peter Pan") is loaded it send a thank you mail to the "Contacts" email address associated with work in the Contacts Module .  I have had a look and have tried several options but its just not sending the mail.  Can this be done.

Many Thanks
Hi Wernher,

Please have a look at our Training coures on Business Procceses . We offer this section for our technically advanced users, but unique business processes for your company can also be designed with the help of our partners, you can hire one of them to help you with that if you wish.
If you'll have a problem implementing a BP - you can post your question here - with detaied BP creation steps description (screenshot of BP).

Kind Regards,

Dear Yana,

I have a very similar question to the one above, and one more:

1. Is it at all possible to design a BP which would send an email to a Contact when there is a change in the Contact's deal stage? Or more generally: can an event in a deal trigger sending an email to the deal's contact?
2. Is it at all possible to design a BP which would send emails to Leads or Contacts based on email templates?

If the answer to these two questions - as I suspect - is "no", is there a chance that these issues could be solved by developments made by Bitrix partners? Please note I'm referring to the cloud version.

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

Best regards,

Hi Marcin,

we may be able to help you with your specific BP needs..

Please contact us via this form:

We do business in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

bp example.PNG (22.46 Kb)
Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
Just wanted to say that Ronaldo was very helpful in addressing our issue, and it was a pleasure to deal with him.

And for everyone's benefit, in short: #1 is doable, #2 apparently not.
Thanks for the feedback Marcin!

Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
Thanks for your help Ronaldo!


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