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Diiferent Lead form templates.

I have been playing a bit with the Leads interface and I am not quite sure how to accomplish the following:
(This can actually also be applied for other CRM objects such as Quotes)

In our division (hospitality industry), we work with several products, each and one of them needing a different set of parameters to track.
For instance, we sell private charters as venues for events, we sell rooms and we sell MICE packages (to name 3 examples).
If I want all my sales team to introduce the proper parameters for each of these products the first step is to create all the Custom fields that we need; that's straightforward.
What I don't find is a way to actually filter groups of custom fields per type of Lead. It's not really convenient to have a whole page of custom fields for all the possible types of Leads. Also, depending on the type of Lead some custom fields will be mandatory and not others. Hence mixing them all together defeats the purpose of making them mandatory.

What I'd like to find is a way to chose a Lead template so users can concentrate on introducing the right information according to the type of Lead.

I have seen the Form Settings button on the top right of the Leads form and have played around with Tabs & Tab Fields but there's no change at all in my Leads form.

Am I missing something maybe?

Hi Jean,

What I don't find is a way to actually filter groups of custom fields per type of Lead.
This option is not available, I'll pass this suggestion to the dev team, thank you.

Kind Regards,

Hello, Yana.

Thanks for that for passing the suggestion to the Dev Team :-)

Is there anywhere some docs about how to use the Form Settings, Tabs and Tab Fields?

Dear Jean,

I'm afraid not, but what I can advise about Form settings - you can add new, remove or change the order of the existing fields ("tab fields"), but please do not use "Tab" section - because it is currently not available (not active).

Kind Regards,

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