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Taxes not being applied to invoice
It stopped working with no changes on my end.When I create the invoice and follow all the necessary steps (including specifying the location) no tax is added to the price of the service.
Please help.

Here are the settings:
1. Location Canada is used, checkbox "Default" is checked in order to make a this location a default. (City is specified as Toronto. Tried configuration with 'No City' - same result)
2. New tax is created (13%), named HST.
3. In TAX Rate configuration it is set to active, "Include tax in price is UNchecked" (as per your previous recommendations), in the same window in locations list "Canada" is highlighted. (Setting it to checked)
4. On general settings on the tax page "Invoice tax" is selected.
5. Canadian Dollar is added as currency and is configured as a default invoicing currency

When I perform those steps:
a) When clicking on Canada in location list tax is not changing and is shown as 0.00$
b) When adding Product - no tax is added, tax still show: Tax: 0.00$

Please help as this is an production setup with quite lot of customers.

Hi, I checked the issue and found out that tax could be not applied if a location is specified before the Invoice items (products) and their quantity. We'll fix the issue. Till then, please specify invoice products before specifying location. Sorry for the incovenience.
Guys, this is pretty embarrassing, even the fix is not working properly. Looks like something happened when your interface was upgraded.

It does apply the tax but if you do things in the order you specified, but it doesn't change the total amount, so it looks like this:
Item: 1000$
Tax: 130
Total amount: 1000

It is likely that the 'Include tax in price' option is checked. Please check the issue.
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