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Import: Connect Contacts to Companies

First of all, sorry if it's been posted before.

We have a large number of both Companies and Contacts to import (they are past the Lead stage) and we tried to import them, first the companies, then the contacts with the "Company" column filled in correctly. After importing the contacts weren't linked to any company, although the companies were there, already imported.

We'd like to know if linking is possible from import or not. If it is, what do we have to do differently? As I said, there are many many things to import.

Thank you,

Yes, it is possible to import contacts bound to companies. To do that please make sure that you:
- included companies in the contacts list columns preview (CRM>Contacts>Edit List>List Columns>choose (tick) Companies>Apply.
- choose "Custom Import" in the settings Menu
- make sure you have "companies" column in your CSV format file you're trying to export with right companies names. (I advise you to add one contact manually & bind it with the existing company, and export this contact to CSV after - to have a sample of the "import" file  - to be sure you're filling the fields correctly).
- make sure your custom fields correspond correctly to the proposed system fields during the impost process.

Kind Regards,

Dear Yana,

It worked after following your steps and using the model already exported. Thank you very much! :)

Have a great day,
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