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Cost of Goods Sold
Hello, I am new to Bitrix we are testing it right now for a possibility to migrate our CRM from SugarCRM I have noticed that there is no field for the Cost Of Goods Sold in the product module. How does the system calculates the profit margin and commissions for my sales people.

Thanks in advance.

These options are not provided, we are thinking about major CRM update - maybe we'll consider financial planning module for our future releases (after the autumn one). Thank you for the suggestion.

Kind Regards,

Are there any advance on these direction? Are there any way to add a calculation of margin in a quote? How can I generate a profit report?

Thanks, Marcelo.
Hi Marcelo,

This option is not yet provided. Thanks for the suggestion.


Hello there, I am also new to Bitrix24 and we are currently testing the possibility to migrate to Bitrix. - I have a general question: We are currently working with Pastel Online for the invoicing and general accounting. We however want to use Bitrix24 for invoicing. But then we would have to re-create an invoice again in Pastel. How to avoid that? Can you link to other accounting packages? Fresh Books maybe? We would be happy to change from Pastel to Fesh Books, but we need to know how Bitrix integrates with accounting packages. Can you please help me there?
Thank you :-)
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Hi Christine,

We have Xero & Zapier integration apps and REST API available.

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