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Bitrix24: Reporting Question, Creating custom reports

How do I create a report by Employee or Department that lists from the CRM the Contacts name, Tasks, Events, Calls made, Incoming / Outgoing emails for a given day, week, month, quarter etc.

Thanx in advance.
Hi Sev,

You can find all history of all activities associated with one contact when you'll open this contact - under contact's details there is activity stream section. Reports can be build up by manager and can display number of various activities the chosen user has performed for the particular period.

Kind Regards,

Thank you Yana,

I know I can see ALL activity for a given contact ... what I need ... is to create a report for a given employee or department ... displaying the various activities undertaken for each contact for a given period ... how do I do this?

Currently I can produce a report showing what each employee has done for give period ... in terms of calls, tasks, meetings and emails etc ... the problem with this is that I cannot drill down and see which contact that call, email etc was made to.

regards - Sev
Edited: Sev Fernandes - 07/04/2014 17:49:50
Dear Sev,

What I mean is that as far as list of activities associated with the particular lead\contact\
company can be viewed from it's details page, the report displaying similar data is not supported.

Currently reports can be build up for these fields:
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