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Company data lost due to add Deal Type bug, Company data from 5k lost to 3k data just because adding new deal type
Hi Guys,

Initially I have more than 5k data and I add another deal type, suddenly my data keep decreasing and now its only 3k. Does anyone ever have the same issue? Or do we able to roll back the data? Unfortunately I haven't backup my data before the data is lost.

any advice?
Hi Jonathan,

We have a dispaly restriction (due to technical issues) that is up to 5K items - but all your data should stay in the system. It is easy to check with filters - you can create different parameters filters Or search for a specific item. Everything should be OK!

Just in case you are SURE you don't find items - contact or Help Desk stuff asap with restore data from backup request (also advise your ticket number here please).


Hi Yana,

I already contact the helpdesk but the reponse is slow. My company is moving everyday and its been a week that the data is missing.

I know the data wouldn't be missing, but even filter or search box are not usable for this case. We can't find the missing company using both ways.

I found funny thing that when we create new company, it shows that that company is already been listed (in fact if you search by filter or search box, you can't find it).

My suggestion is that we could roll back the data prior adding deal type and we can move on from that. This is my ticket number 255083.

Please advice.
Ok, I see - this is interesting, our devs will have a look. Thanks for reporting.
Hi Yana,

For the quick solution, can we roll back our database before the data is missing? So we can continue using Bitrix24 for our daily work. Please let us know the requirement for us roll back the database.

Thank you.
Dear Jonathan,

This is what our Help desk should help you with (or advise the possibilities).


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