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Tasks + CRM: Allow selecting Products (or any existing CRM object).

When creating a Task, one can link it to CRM objects such as Leads, Contacts, Companies and Deals.
However Products, Quotations and Invoices are not available to add.

Could this be considered?

Untitled5.png (303.79 Kb)
Please also note that sometimes some Selection Lists should be available for other CRM objects than the ones initially defined.

For instance, Sources is originally assigned for Contacts yet we may also want to track Source for a Company.
At the moment I had to resort to create a Custom Field for Companies for this when it would make much more sense to simply reuse the same field.
(And I am going to leave blank the original Source Selection List to use the same Custom Field for Contacts and Companies - I crave coherence)

One way would be to allow a checkbox in the list of CRM objects the Selection List applies and be able to assign it to the ones we prefer.

Does that make sense to anyone?
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