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Links in a List field, Creating a clickable url in a List field

I'm playing with Lists, and it does most of what I want.

I can create an HTML/text field and use the 'add link' edit option to add a title and url for external links. This then displays a field with a clickable title, taking the user to the linked site. This works fine, but I feel this will be beyond most of my users.

So, I created Business Process to create an HTML tag once the user had entered two fields - one for Title and one for the url.

This also works, and creates a valid tag like: <a href="">HTML Links</a>

Unfortunately, that is what is displayed - the HTML tag, not the Title text (HTML Links) with a clickable link (

Should I use a different field type (string doesn't seem to work either) or does the HTML/text field not recognise valid HTML but have its own format for storing links?
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