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Logging to multiple intranets using 1 email., Multiple intranets

I have my own Bitrix24 account for a while now and using it to manage some of my clients. One of my clients is seeking another CRM to use and I suggested Bitrix24 to them so he opened and account and gave me his login details so I can configure Bitrix and migrate their data from their old CRM.

For transparency, I asked permission to add myself as an employee with full admin rights in his Bitrix and he approved so I add myself and sent an invite to the email address associated with my Bitrix account. Up to present I haven't received an invite email, is it possible to add an employee with an existing Bitrix account? Or do I have to use another email address to resolve this problem?
Hi Stephen!

Sure, yoiu can be invited to multiple Bitrix24 intranets at the same time, please check email spam folder & inbos filters or send one more invitation.


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