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How can I edit daily plan?
     I would like to know how to edit the tasks in the daily plan. Thanks.
Hi JR Solano,

You can either add or delete the tasks to\from your daily plan, or edit the tasks in the "Task" section.

You can edit the task in the "Tasks" section by choosing "edit" in a special drop-down menu near the task (see screenshot)

or open the task you want to edit and click on "Edit"

Please respond if the answer was helpful or specify if your question was of a different character.

Kind regards,

     Actually, there is nothing in my daily plan,

but a certain task repeats itself every working days. I assigned a task before that recurs but I already deleted it. But it still recurs.  
Dear JR Solano,

In this case you may need to delete also that recurring task template as it may have caused the problem. Let me explain:  Task template  - is a kind of scenario template on base of which the task reccurrs. Actually this task template is created automatically after you have created a new recurring task. It means that when you deleted your recurring task - you have actually deleted only one sample of task that was created for this week, and next week a new task will be generated by task template and so on.

To delete the Task Template go to "My Tasks" - "Create from task template" icon - and choose the name of the task that you want to delete.

Kind regards,

Thanks Yana. I'll check tomorrow if the task will still recur. I'll inform you if my problem is solved. Thanks again.
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