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Worktime - Needs some development, Worktime feature is awsome but some urgent development work needed
Hi Yana,
Any update on the above request ?

I can see that this has been going on for some time...

Was just wondering if anybody has found a workaround for exporting the time sheet data to Excel?


Exactly, its been pretty long. we are using the worktime feature since the beginning in a hope that export option will come soon. But the wait is getting too long. Probably will have to shift to another attendance tool now if not receiving a timeline from bitrix development team   :|

With 55 employees it is not manageable to monitor attendance records without it being exported to excel.
Hi Meenal!

Unfortunately we don't have plans on this option for this fall release , but thanks for the suggestion.



I'm right now checking the working hours in Bitrix and comparing them to the tasks in workspace. I've noticed that if an employee has registred hours after 4pm then the hours are transferred to the next working day. Why is that and it is possible to change it?

Most of our employees work later than 4pm and I'm not able to get an exact number on how many hours they've worked that day without checking it manually in the time spent log in the specific task.


Dear Yana
We are presently evaluating Bitrix24.

Wondering if the  feature of manually editing time has been added ?  We need a similar facility to add time manually.

Some of our staff are allocated on a day-basis as well , so instead of focusing on task time alone, and automated start-stop,  if a time sheet can be provided with number of days worked (manually input / edited) by each staff on a project that would help too.

Hi Raghu,

Thanks for your interest in Bitrix24. We don't have any news on this feature request yet, however we may consider it for our next updates together with some other changes. Thanks for asking.


As HR Director, we would also like to be able to download work reports, including ongoing and completed tasks that each individual is working on, whether they are the responsible party or participant on the tasks.

We would need daily times clocked in and out and total times worked as well as total time for each week reported.

Thank you,
Hi Laura!

Tasks reports can be exported to Excel, list of tasks can be exported too (Tasks>all tasks>open filter - export option is located at the end of the filter list). Work reports and work time cannot be exported at the moment.


Our organization would like to see (really needs) the following time tracking features:

1. When manually adding time to a task (open task, open time tracking tab, enter time), need to be able to change the date of the time entry.  We have too many cases in which our consultants are rapidly changing back and forth from one responsibility to the other to expect them to pause the current task and switch to the new task and resume time tracking, so they have to be able to enter their time against a task sometimes as much as a week after the fact.  In the image below, I want to be able to (a) change the date of the entry from 2/12 to 1/29, and (b) specify a date when entering a new time entry.

2. When creating a recurring task and/or task template, I'd like to be able to indicate time should be tracked (enable time tracking), and provide and convey time spent expectation so the task assignee can track their time against the task without having to turn on time tracking themself, and so I can give the assignee a sense of how long I think the task should take.  I can do both with normal tasks.  Why aren't these capabilities exposed to task templates and recurring tasks?  Can this be changed?

Hi Joseph!

Thanks for the suggestions, we'll take them into account.


Just chiming in that the features being requested here are very critical for us as well!
Ruth Cheesley
Virya Group Limited
Hi Ruth!

One of the features requested above has been added - now in the time spent on task you can manually add not only time but also date.

Thanks for your votes for these options.


Thank you for addressing backdating after-the-fact time entries!  Huge, huge help! Very much appreciated! :-)
Thanks Joseph!

Any Updates here? Is it possible to edit blank days in the past and add working time there manually?
Self-Hosted Version BizPace ENterprise
Hi Johannes,

Currently not.


Just checking if the export option is available, it is very unusual that a product has a timesheet system  without enabling to export  the records.
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Edited: Duy Le The - 06/14/2016 11:40:04
Hi Duy,

Can't read the explanation since it is not in English, but according to the screenshots attached - this user's login begins with ngan.tran@.... (see this user uses Network as) - please note contact email address is not user's login.
Hi Yana,

where can we get the solution for Time Track/ Clock in-Clock out export / Report in xls?  
Hi Mani,

Reports & excel export are available for task time tracking option only at the moment. Worktime summary based on users clock in\out is not available. Thanks for the suggestion.


Hi Yana,

Another user not really happy with the functionality of the time tracking. In my case, I d'ont need an Excel Sheet, but at least any export option would be useful! For example an export to PDF for a user or a group of users... will there ever be plans implementing something like this?
Hi Mathias,
This functionality is not available at the moment, but our partners can customize self hosted version for your needs. You can see a full list of our partners here:
Kind regards,
I will concur with the other posters here, the lack of integration, or export ability, copy and paste, and API for Worktime to any payroll software means that Bitrix goes from the best option I have found yet to ranking low on the list. I was prepared to get the highest end plan for this, now you probably won't get me as a customer at all.
Hi Eric,

Thanks for the feedback, obviously we have a good set of options to consider for this module updates. The point is we haven't started with the Time Management module updates yet. We\ll take your suggestions into account for future releases.


I also wanted to add my vote to the following points:
  • Allow editing of blank days (previous non recorded workdays) for the clock-in/clock-out mechanism
  • Create report for the Time tracking (similar to the task reporting) with option to export to excel
  • Show count of underworked/overworked hours (as it is possible to define minimum work hours per day it should be visible in the statistics to get an overview)
  • Allow selection of time periods (currently only Monthly) for Timetracking (similar to the reporting on tasks)
Nice to have but probably more complicated:
  • Show difference between clocked-in/out time recorded and time recorded on Tasks for employees (to get a sense how much time an employee hasn't recorded in a task)
Hi Roger!

Thanks for the suggestions, we'll definitely take them into account when the Time management module will be scheduled for revision.


Just to let everyone know despite a good collection of functionalities ( timetracking, Task, Intranet, CRM and workflow) our corporation decided NOT to renew the license with Bitrix due to:
  • Lack of a practical time management and full report for time tracking
  • not be able to have downloadable Leave request report with "approved by " name on a column
  • frequent sign-in error messages about having a separate account on Bitrix when signing with Gmail account
  • lack of adequate "setting and permission" on cloud version from non-CRM tools
As a way feedback it looks like Bitrix prefers to sell the expensive "in-house " version to be able to configure the product to suit each company

Such n missed opportunity

Edited: John Atabak - 10/24/2016 02:32:17

Is there any (or you planning to implement) report that would enable to extract all hours logged (manual logging) from all tasks within group. It is very seldom that in PM systems you can not extract timesheet report per specific project....

Hi John,

Thank you for the feedback, we'll take it into account.

Hi Yaroslav,

We do have this option in mind, but it is not scheduled yet.


Thanks Yana,

Any aproximate timelines? Or at least when is the next release scheduled?

BR, Yaroslav
Next release will probably take place in May (second half). But Time Management module is not included in this update unfortunately.


We need the ability to manually add time employees.
I think I disabled Working Time management, and I can't work out how to get it back.. It does not appear in the settings under services as an option, although I have CRM. I don't have a list of employees either.
How do I turn Working time management back on??

Hello! Please check your subscription plan, it is possible that you do not have a Professional plan (which is required for Time Management feature), or your previously enabled 30-day Trial Professional plan has expired.



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