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Problem with Lists (Records Management) and default field "Name", Appears like I have to keep this field in my list?
I'm working with creating a Risk database in the "Lists" (records management) tool.

When I create a new list, the field "Name" defaults as the first field.

I appears I cannot delete or modify this "Name" field.  I have checked the box and clicked on the red "x" for delete but the screen just blinks and returns without the field deleted.  I tried I could use the Name field to record the name of the person who entered the risk, so I made it a List by changing the datatype (a list of employees).  When I try to change the datatype to a list, it lets me, but then adds ANOTHER field called "Name."  I try to delete the original field "Name" and it won't let me.

Am I required to have a name field that is the default?  I don't want to use this in the list.

I have tried this with both Google Chrome and Safari on a Mac, and IE 10 on Windows, and I get the same behavior.

Thanks, Jeff
Hi Jeff,

The presence of the “name” type of field in the List is demanded. You cannot delete it or change the type (while changing Name field type, created by default – a new Name type field is being created). The field of this type can only be renamed.

Kind Regards,

FOUND a way to get rid of the NAME field, or at least set a default for it.

I was unable to make this work on the workgroup lists, so to try you need to create a list on the Company Lists section.
Then move the list to workflows (see image) and there you will see that the NAME field now has a new attribute, a Default Value!
Enter anything there, or change the value inside a BP, since the field is required.
You can also make it disappear from the forms unchecking the boxes Show in New Item Form/Show in Edit form
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