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Internal number ... PROBLEM!, Incorrect value entered in the 'Internal number' field. The number must be between 1 and 999.
How can I fix this? can you remove this verification... we use 4 numbers as internal numbers and not only 3.
Hi Willyan,

As for now Bitrix24 supports only 3 number internal numbers - from 1 to 999, that should make up to 999 internal numbers available for one account. I would kindly ask you to advise what is the necessity to use 4-number option is in your case. Thank you!

Before this last update on Bitrix24 we did not have this limitation and it was much better in this sense.
My problem is that we indeed use 4 number as internal numbers, we cannot change a complete infrastructure just because a software it should rather be the other way.
Solution: Just remove this restriction on Bitrix24, that way you make it in this new version is just worst than how it was working before.  
Dear Willyan,

We've changed this restriction - please set your 4-digit internal phone  numbers now.


Hello Yana,
I'm glad to know the company can provide such fast solution. Thank you very much!
It just make things much easier.
Congratulations  and regards.
Happy to hear that, you're welcome!  
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