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Mobile app. Notifications issues, No mobile notifications on new task (Android)
Hi, we are making the first steps into Bitrix24 and so far it's been very useful. Mostly from the PC.

The problem is with the mobile app. None of us seams to be able to receive notifications when a new Task has been created/assign.

Thanks a lot

Best regards
Hi Nicolas!

Thanks! Happy to have you on board! :-)

If you are talking about push notifications when the app is not opened on your phone - currently they arrive for comments only, the notifications are displayed & counted in the app but you need to open the app to view them.

BTW - we are currently working on the mobile app update - part of the update (minor) will be available this December, and major mobile app update is planned for spring 2015.


OK, thanks a lot
Hi, we just started using Bitrix24 and it seems to be a great productive tool. We are facing a small issue with it, We not receiving push notifications(new Task created/assign, lead created or when somebody is calling/chatting) when the app is not opened.

Thanks a lot
Same here. App doesn't show notifications when it is closed. It is no use sending notifications for comments only when the app is closed. When will the update be available? Customers are complaining about this for some time now.
Hi Rohit  &  Jacques!

We'll consider this extended notifications feature suggestion - the only question is wether this may turn into too many push notifications spamming your phone? For example - new tasks, business processes, messages, etc. - mostly if your team is using Bitrix24 a lot.


Thank you for the Reply Yana,

You can let the user select what push notification required by user. I am sure you guys have the expertise to do so.
For example if I select Leads then I will only get leads push notification, similarly if I select Task & Deals then I shall I get only those. I hope this will help keeping us updated on what we are waiting for.
Dear Rohit!

I've passed this suggestion to the devs, maybe we'll consider such settings for the mobile app later (as there is still pritty mush a lot of work on the mobile app to perform - in comparison to the full Bitrix24 version)


Is this a common problem in Android? One team member and myself do not receive any in-app notifications at all.
Edited: Hong Chong Ng - 06/01/2015 15:49:24
Hi Hong!

Push notifications for all Bitrix24 mobile apps (iOS&Android) are sent for new IM messages only. If you are facing any issues with inside the app notifications not being dispalyed - please report this to our Helpdesk.


I am wondering why this issue has not been solved yet. In the play store app page it says "The mobile version supports the activity stream, comments on posts,
liking, notifications, instant messages and pushed notifications, as well as the company directory and workgroups." But push notification isn't working. Without this the app is not worth its real value. Please consider this issue very seriously and try to fix this as soon as possible. Apart from this I really love Bitrix24. Thanks.
Hi Ambadyanand!

Push notifications are sent for new IM messages only
But push notification isn't working.
Are you facing the problem with new chat messages push notifications?


Is there any update on this? Any plans for additional push notifications available, besides just the IM?
Hi Bruce!

Extended notifications are already available in Bitrix24 - tasks updates, etc. Please check notifications settings in the web version & enable push notifications in the mobile phone settings as well.


Hi, it seems like push notifications aren't currently supported for business process, workgroups or crm notifications. I was wondering if this was something also currently in development as it would be quite useful to us, and if so, is there a current timeline the mobile app team is hoping to release these features?

Edited: Mitch Matsubara - 07/20/2016 06:23:42
Hi Mitch!
You can set up notifications that you want to get. Go to  Chat – > Settings –> Notifications – > Advanced Mode
You will see a list of notifications that you can customize according to your needs:
Workgroups.png (40.79 Kb)
Thanks for the speedy response, but I was already aware of that menu. To clarify, I was asking about mobile push notifications. The boxes for the push notifications of those features aren't toggleable (I can only change site and email notifications for those specific features, not push notifications which seem to be permanently disabled or unavailable), at least from my account which has admin status on our site. Is this just a bug or something I'm experiencing from my end? If not, would there be a reasonable timeline to expect these features to be implemented?

Thanks again,

You are very welcome!
Unfortunately these notifications are not available yet. But we are planning to implement them in one of the upcoming updates. Unfortunately it's too early to give any timeline yet.
Best regards,
Same here. Not having chat notifications pop up on the phone even if the app is closed is a real deal breaker for me in selling this product to my CIO . I hope this is fixed soon.
Hi Joseph,

Only several types os notifications are not supported. Please advise what type of push notifications are you interested in exactly? Thanks.


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