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Wiki on Bitrix24 Mobile Application?
I ever use Dokuwiki, then right now I use commercial version of Confluence, I'm interested using Bitrix24, because there is mobile app version (Android), so I try use the Free version and then install the app on Android, but why I can not see the wiki page? It would be great if the mobile version have capability too see wiki page or at least there is web link to wiki page, because we need to read technical documentation in fast when we're on mobile, instead we open first the browser, login, choose workgroup, click wiki.. too many steps.. :(
What I like from Bitrix24 is combine between wiki (documentation) and team collaboration.
FYI, I have IT support business, we're usually mobile going from 1 client to other client (not stay in office), that's why this mobile app will really help our job to see technical documentation, see calendar, assign task or job, etc
Thank you

Best regards,
Hi Yudi,

Thank you for the observation on WiKi in Bitrix24 Mobile app - as you may have noticed the mobile app is limited in comparison with full version - mostly because Bitrix24 is a complex product contatining various heavy modules, which means we are still working on the mobile app features development - just to be honest, I'm not sure WiKi will be added soon, but we will take it into account.


Hi Yana

Can you tell me if there is any forward movement on this topic.
I am searching for a piece of android and iOS software that combines good html content presentation, with the ability to message individual users and groups.
There is nothing I can find that can do this and isn't unaffordable for my hospital department.

Bitrix24 was almost there, until I realised that there was no wiki on the mobile app !!!

Any suggestions.

Hi Daniel!

To be honest, we don't plan to develop WiKi section.


I know that the mobile app still does not support the Wiki, but there is a work around. When creating Wiki pages, just publish them to the activity stream and they will appear in your stream on the app. Not the best and you only get a snapshot unless you follow it to the full site in your web browser. That is what I have implemented anyway.
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